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Safe, Painless Tooth Removable

Man receiving tooth extractionAt Tylan Creek Family Dentistry, we work hard to help patients achieve and maintain their optimal oral health and keep it for life. In most cases, that means working hard to avoid tooth loss. However, there are some situations where removing one or more teeth is actually the best way to maintain oral health. For these patients, our skilled dentists and team offer tooth extractions in our Simpsonville, SC dental office. If you want to learn more about tooth extraction or other restorative services in our dental office, call the Tylan Creek Family Dentistry team today.

When We Recommend Tooth Extraction

Woman with toothache holding cheek before tooth extraction

We’ll do our utmost to help you maintain your healthy smile, but we will likely recommend tooth extraction in the following situations:

How We Extract Teeth

Metal clasp holding extracted toothTeeth are extracted using two main methods. “Pulling” a tooth is possible if the tooth has fully erupted from the gums. We use a clasping tool to hold the tooth and shift the tooth back and forth, breaking it away from the jaw and gum tissue. In other cases, we will need to surgically extract the tooth by cutting away soft tissue, breaking the tooth into two or more sections, or removing supportive, alveolar bone tissue.

Dry Socket & Other Complications


Woman and dentist looking at x-rays before tooth extractionFollowing the extraction of teeth, especially wisdom teeth, you may be at risk for dry socket. When a tooth is extracted, a blood clot forms over the socket to promote healing. If the clot is dislodged too soon, the result can be severe pain or sensitivity. If you experience pain or sensitivity, notice inflammation and infection, or experience continual bleeding, you should contact our team right away. We’ll fit you in for an urgent care appointment to repair your smile as soon as possible.

Replacing Your Extracted Teeth

In some cases, like the removal of wisdom teeth or preparation for orthodontic treatment, you won’t need to replace your teeth. However, for severely damaged or decayed teeth, the sooner we begin the tooth replacement process the better. We offer a wide range of traditional tooth replacement solutions as well as dental implant retained crowns, bridges, and dentures. As we plan your tooth extraction, we will also plan to replace the teeth.

PRF Therapy

When you have a tooth removed, it’s important to heal properly so that you can avoid dry socket or other complications. To facilitate healing, we use a technique called platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) therapy. This revolutionary method uses your own blood to stimulate your body’s natural repairing process and has been shown to help the gum tissue close faster than when the tissue is left on its own. When you have your consultation with your dentist, ask them about using PRF therapy to heal from your procedure.

Learn more about PRF Therapy

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