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PRF Therapy – Simpsonville, SC

Fast, Effective Healing

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At Tylan Creek Family Dentistry, we believe in using the most advanced methods to treat our patients and get the best results possible without having to worry about complications. In many cases, nature has the answer. When you undergo oral surgery, your body sends blood and platelet cells to the area to begin healing. They form a blood clot at the wound site to keep out bacteria, and in the process, stem cells are stimulated to create new tissue cells to repair the site. Although your body naturally performs this process on its own, our team at Tylan Creek Family Dentistry can accelerate it through platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) therapy in Simpsonville, SC. This simple, safe method allows you to get back to full oral health faster and more effectively. Are you interested in learning more about this treatment? Call our team and schedule a consultation today!

What are the benefits of PRF therapy?

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Other than the obvious advantage of jumpstarting your body’s natural healing process, PRF therapy has many benefits, including the following:

How does PRF therapy work?

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Unlike many other therapies or treatments, PRF doesn’t use artificial products to get your body to heal. Rather, PRF uses your own body’s natural processes to encourage healthy, faster healing. To start PRF therapy, we’ll collect some blood—about the same as a sample from your physician’s office—and put it in a centrifuge. During this time, the molecules become more concentrated and form a clot within the test tube. Then the clot can be placed on the surgical site to protect it and encourage the cells around it to regenerate more quickly.

In what procedures can PRF therapy be used?

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PRF can be incorporated into just about every oral surgery procedure, including wisdom teeth extractions, other tooth extractions, implant placement, bone grafts, sinus lifts, and more. Basically, in any instance when your tissues or bone will need time to heal, PRF therapy can speed up the process and ensure success. If you are having some kind of oral surgery in the near future, talk to our team about using PRF therapy for optimal healing.