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Dental Crowns - Powdersville, SC

Bring Back Your Smile’s Function and Radiance

A dental crown sitting in a mold.

Dental crowns are a very common restorative treatment designed to bring strength back to a weakened tooth. Also known as “caps,” dental crowns in Powdersville work to both restore the function of your existing tooth and improve its appearance. When multiple crowns are attached together, they can form a dental bridge to replace missing teeth.

When you need a dental restoration, whether it’s a crown or a bridge, you can expect a long-lasting restoration when you visit the dentists at Tylan Creek Family Dentistry located in Powdersville, SC. To learn more about these procedures, give our office a call!

What is a Dental Crown?

A series of dental crowns in Powdersville, SC.

Dental crowns cover damaged teeth in order to protect their functionality or restore their appearance. In order to stay in place, the crown is bonded onto the tooth directly. By reshaping the tooth beforehand, the crown can be effectively placed on top and last for many years, typically at least a decade.

While dental crowns can be made from gold, zirconia, and metal alloys like silver amalgam, our office typically utilizes ceramic/porcelain to ensure the best aesthetics possible. However, we are happy to go over these options in more detail so you can choose a crown based on your preference.

What are Dental Bridges?

A diagram of a dental bridge.

Dental bridges are made of several dental crowns that are fused together. This larger restoration allows you to replace teeth and fill gaps in your smile. Traditionally, fixed bridges are held in place via two dental crowns. The bridge is attached to a dental crown on either side of the gap in your mouth.

Dental bridges make it possible to eat the foods you love, speak with clarity, and smile with confidence. With a dental bridge, you can also prevent neighboring teeth from shifting out of place.

How Does Treatment for a Dental Crown Work?

A father and son brushing their teeth together.

At Tylan Creek Family Dentistry, we’re happy to provide both CEREC same-day crowns and traditionally fabricated crowns, which require a temporary crown and eventually a permanent crown that is placed about two weeks later. While each crown comes with its own purposes, our dentists will provide patients with the best restoration that fits their needs. This is done by completing an initial examination. During this appointment, we confirm the current condition of your tooth.

Because we have invested in modern CEREC technology, which stands for chairside economical restoration of esthetics ceramics, we can plan, prepare, and place your crown all in our dental office using CAD/CAM software and our personal milling machine.


Prior to placing your crown, your dentist will remove any decay or damaged tissue present and begin reshaping your tooth so a crown can fit on top. Once your enamel is slightly modified, we can capture a digital scan of your tooth using our CEREC software. From there, your dentist can create a digital impression, which ensures the crown fits over your tooth exactly and comfortably.

How to Keep Your Restoration in Good Condition

A woman smiling after receiving a dental crown.

When properly taken care of, dental crowns and bridges can last for many years. Keep in mind that while a restoration cannot develop decay like natural teeth because it is made from inorganic material, the teeth and gums can still be susceptible cavity development and infection.

To keep your restorations clean, make sure to:

If for any reason your restoration breaks or becomes loose, please get in touch with our office.