Tips for Ensuring a Great First Month with Dentures

February 3, 2023

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a patient receiving dentures

If you’ve just received dentures to restore your compromised smile, you’re probably feeling pretty ecstatic to have a full set of functional and beautiful teeth once more. However, many patients must go through an adjustment period after receiving dentures; this awkward and sometimes uncomfortable phase typically lasts for a month or so and can cause some patients a bit of frustration. Here’s a little more about what you can expect during this process so that you can quickly become accustomed to your new smile.

Expect Discomfort Early On

Most dental professionals will likely tell you that you’ll need about 30 days on average to adjust to your new dentures. Your gums and other soft tissues have to get used to being in contact with the base of your artificial teeth, and you’re going to experience some discomfort as you adapt to this new equipment. You’ll also likely need some adjustments to be made to your dentures as your gums heal and the jawbone settles; your dentist can easily make these adjustments and minimize any potential discomfort.

Watch What You Eat

If you’ve undergone orthodontic treatment in the past, such as wearing metal braces, you might remember that certain foods such as popcorn, caramel, hard candies, and more were strictly off-limits. Similar restrictions exist for patients with dentures, and biting into potentially hazardous foods can not only cause your dentures to loosen, but they might also sustain damage such as unsightly chips or cracks.

Starting off with soft foods like mashed potatoes, yogurt, pudding, and so on can give you the chance to become accustomed to moving your mouth while you’re wearing your dentures. Soft foods won’t put the same amount of pressure on your gums, allowing them to adjust and heal with very minimal discomfort. When it’s time to move on to tougher foods, you should cut them into bite-sized pieces that are easier to chew. Also avoid biting using your front teeth, opting to use your side or back teeth instead.

Speaking Normally Will Take Practice

Learning to talk normally after receiving dentures is challenging for many patients; not only can the dentures sometimes move around and affect your speech, but they also tend to make your mouth produce more saliva than usual which also impacts your ability to talk. It’s often helpful to have a friend or family member whom you can practice conversing with. You might also practice reading things out loud to perfect and further refine your dialogue.

There’s no doubt that the first month of wearing dentures is arguably the toughest for most patients; however, knowing what to expect and how to go about making things easier will undoubtedly pay huge dividends and set your smile up for lasting beauty and functionality.

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