Why You Shouldn’t Delay a Root Canal

January 20, 2023

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A patient receiving root canal therapy

Even if your dentist suggests one, you might hesitate to get root canal therapy. After all, that treatment has a bit of a frightening reputation. The truth, though, is that delaying it makes things worse. In particular, the effects of delays will lower your quality of life. Your local Greenwood dentist, in fact, can prove these claims. To that end, here is a summary of what happens when you put off a root canal.

You’ll Suffer Increased Pain

You might put off a root canal because you think it’s painful. However, the reality is quite the opposite: this treatment relieves dental pain. Putting it off, then, will only lead to a longer-lasting toothache.

In the first place, a root canal removes infected tooth tissue. Such material causes your infection’s pain, as its nerves send discomfort signals to your brain. Taking the tissue from your mouth thus ends your tooth’s ache. 

Furthermore, dentists ensure the removal is painless. Before the root canal takes place, they’ll numb your mouth with an anesthetic. Doing so ensures you feel no discomfort from the treatment.

You’ll Waste Time & Money

Delaying a root canal isn’t cost-effective. While treatment does have a price and takes a few visits, failing to get it leads to wasted time and money.

You see, skipping a root canal only causes your issue to get more severe. When that happens, solving your problem will require more complex and expensive procedures. For instance, you may need a tooth extraction and dental implants — combination treatments that are pricier than a root canal.

Of course, you can avoid those alternatives with quick root canal therapy. Your schedule and your budget will thus stay safe!

You’ll Face Severe Health Problems

At first, your infected tooth might not seem like a big deal. Without a root canal, though, it’ll trigger some nasty health issues.

For starters, the tooth’s infection will likely spread to the rest of your body. It could then become life-threatening and trigger sepsis. Antibiotics could slow this spread, but the condition wouldn’t subside until the infected tissue is removed from your mouth.

Secondly, a dentist may need to pull your severely infected tooth. A root canal won’t work if the tooth’s tissue deteriorates past a certain point. Extracting the pearly white would then be necessary.

As you can see, delaying root canal therapy isn’t a good choice. Therefore, see your dentist for treatment as soon as possible!

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